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The following bands/artists are your basic unsigned or local acts. They are no specific order and we add them as we find them. Go ahead and check them out here, then support them and hit their myspaces up. Oh, and if you got a band/artist or you want to be featured don't be afraid to ask! or


With that classic edgy punk these guys are bound to go places. Their songs make you want to get up and move. You may even find yourself singing along after awhile. If you liked the '90s you'll love these guys, and even if you didn't, we think you'll still appreciate them. Go ahead, trust us!      
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BIO: A five piece punk rock band from the bowels of the Green Bay area.

MuTT and McKeys began a few years ago, working on ideas here and there, taking their sweet ass time trying to find the right individuals for a group in between working day jobs. After going through numerous individuals, one by one the tumblers fell into place. sLush, a childhood friend of MuTT’s made his way out to MuTT’s place for a drink and some banter. One thing led to another and his interest for the music coupled with his talented lead guitar ability led him into this.

StreGO was next. One of MuTT’s comrades from a former group, he was a shoe in from the beginning, because he’s a damn fine drummer with versatile skill. He also possess a respectable love for GOOD BEER and certain liquors.

And finally, Billy “BoNes” on BASS! A so far undiscovered diamond in the rough, who seems to have been just lying in wait for the right group to spark his creative side. Soft spoken, but far from unheard, his relentless endeavors bolster the NEW “BACKBONE”.

Their influences are all over the place, and different from member to member: Rock & Roll (in EVERY form), Punk (from OI!, through THRASH, to SKA!), Metal (NU or OLD), Country (only GOOD COUNTRY though, OLD SCHOOL SHIT WITH A STORY), Traditional (Scottish, Irish, American, etc., etc.), Soul (JAMES BROWN!!!),… probably more in there somewhere, but you get the idea.

Though many things influence what these bastards come up with, the fact still remains the same. The PUNK ROCK HEART is in the drivers seat.

-the highball hooligans-

Victorian Halls

How these guys have remained unsigned is a mystery to us. Hailing from CHICAGO, Illinois, these guys seem to know how to combine the Indie / Garage / Powerpop genres with ease. Unique in their very own way, we're hoping someday a record label picks them up. But don't believe us, read these reviews, and their bio. Then check their videos out and decide for yourself. Still not sold on them, then go to their myspace and listen to every flipping awesome track they have! To listen to all their tracks click the picture!

BIO/REVIEWS: The Chicago four-piece have an uncanny knack for constructing gleaming, crystalline, compact pop gems ... and then going after them with an axe like Jack Nicholson. They build the museum-worthy sculpture, and then dash it to the ground, manically laughing their heads off the whole time. It's the musical equivalent of a Pollock painting – a vibrant, technicolor, utterly uninhibited work devised by either a genius or a madman. It's hard to discern which, and it doesn't much matter anyway.

The poet laureates of Chicago's skid row, VICTORIAN HALLS are the rare type of band that exist in the little space where art and punk meet - the type of band that can blend unadulterated pop songwriting with wailing Banshee-like vocals to create a strangely magical, vaudevillian wonder like their new seven song EP, Springteen.

"We write pop songs," singer/guitarist Sean Lenart plainly states, "but they're really noisy and lyrically overt, and kind of jarring. It's not simply generalized feelings over familiar chord progressions... Basically, your mother wouldn't like this band." Then again, nobody's mother liked THE BEATLES when they first landed either.

The result speaks for itself. In the Spin Magazine-sponsored Music Nation contest, the band made quite the impression, finishing second out of thousands of entries, and in doing so garnered praise from some big names - Perry Farrell of JANE'S ADDICTION called VICTORIAN HALLS' music a "high-strung theatrical sound ... punchy and tight, the sound of Saturday night." CURSIVE'S Tim Kasher praised the band's "theatrical style," while Spin editor Doug Brod noted a "twisted carnivalesque quality." The band also nabbed second prize on MTV2's "On The Rise" contest, despite receiving over 126,000 votes – both amazing accomplishments for a band that makes TRL-worthy songs and then burns them to the ground.

In a city that spawned FALL OUT BOY, THE PLAIN WHITE T'S, and THE ACADEMY IS…, VICTORIAN HALLS have learned that making art for art's sake doesn't always earn you a date with Ashlee Simpson, but does get you a boatload of critical acclaim and a rabid fan base that sticks by you for all the right reasons. And frankly, when you're in a band that sounds way more like THE BLOOD BROTHERS than THE JONAS BROTHERS, you define success in entirely different terms. Terms like, in Lenart's words, "Being able to piss people of by not wearing eye liner, playing a packed venue and being the only unsigned band there and then having people lining up to take pictures and sign autographs, convincing people that if white pants worked in 'A Clockwork Orange,' they can work for anyone ..."

Appropriately enough, "A Clockwork Orange" may just be the best metaphor for VICTORIAN HALLS – a bunch of musical droogs wandering the streets of America, committing acts of musical ultraviolence for their own pleasure (not to mention the pleasure of their ever-increasing fanbase). Of course, sometimes the ultraviolence takes on a more literal definition.

As was the case with "Clockwork's" infamous "aversion technique," it's damn near impossible to take your eyes of VICTORIAN HALLS for one second. Nor would you want to, because if they don't bludgeon you, their music surely will.

"I am interested in this kinda thing. Like the piano with the screaming combo...keep playing up the theatrical style, I find that the most fun. Hoorahh!"
- Tim Kasher, Cursive and The Good Life

"I like the twisted carnivalesque quality to the songs. Chaotic yet controlled; the piano is a nice touch amid all the craziness"
- Doug Brod, Editor of Spin Magazine

"High strung theatrical sound, vocals that surely have range, moments when we can all join in and sing, punchy and tight, (like) the sounds of Saturday night.
- Perry Farrell, Godfather of Lollapalooza and Jane's Addiction

"Victorian Halls tunes jerk, whirl, rip, roar, and squeal their way into your subconsciousness...outlandishly complex and unpredictable...Our guess is that over the course of the next few months you will be seeing and hearing a whole goddamn lot about this peculiar new band."

"[A band that] verge on the side of brilliance."
- Punktastic

"Raging, dramatic post-punk"
- Plug In Magazine

"Victorian Halls is a band that has a lot going for them"
- Rockfreaks

"A lot of screech [and] a fair amount of rhythmic brilliance... Victorian Halls brings the noise with exceptional style."
- Aiding & Abetting

"An exciting burst of crazed energy... herky-jerky outbursts of emotional excitement [with] guitar frenzied wailing and grating. If you bought Chiodo's newest release Bone Palace Ballet and was disappointed, then trade it in for a copy of Victorian Halls' Springteen."
- FakeTrain

"Victorian Halls bring a healthy dose of pop sensibility with grand pianos, acrobatic vocals and hard working drums in SpringTeen"
- WonkaVision

"[Victorian Halls are] so unique in their frenzy that, for a select few, the noise is worthwhile and bordering on genius... Those who love it will love the hell out of it."
- Redefine Magazine

Abraham Calling

These guys are one heck of a group. Never before have we seen a high school group pull so much talent out of themselves. They have that soft, melodic, indie, alternative sound to them. Though not being your top 100 billboard sound, they definetly could have been. We say could of because they hung it up. We're not sure why though. With their profile views at 10000+, and their friends list at 500+ this was one group coming out of Green Bay, WI. that could have gone far we're sure! Is it possible we can get them back together? Visit their myspace by clicking the picture, listen to their songs, and maybe message them telling them they need to get back together! FYI, the videos below don't do justice to thier real ability so you gotta check the myspace!

Bio/Review: Abraham Calling is made of 4 very unique people. Hailing from Green Bay Wisconsin, they call themselves Wisconsinites, but quite frankly, they are just really really cool cats. And also, not to mention, one of them is a red head. Abraham Calling was formed in the early summer of 2007. The quartet blends many forms of music to create a unique sound thats kinda catchy. Hate them or love them, you have to respect Ryan McCrary for being a god at guitar. They have recently recorded their first full album "Rise Up" and you can purchase this by contacting them or going to a show. To get a listing of song names and/or lyrics, check out their blog titled "Rise Up". Take a listen and fall in love with our sound.
Abraham Calling  

"Abraham Calling possesses a rare ability to produce music with such reverence for their work that it channels electricity to the stage like tornadoes to a trailer park. The raw, personal, and poignant performance of Abraham Calling is untouched by external reaction. Whether there a full house, a small group of fans, or they are jamming in a basement, the four Green Bay natives bring a raw passion to music that goes unmatched by the average high school band. Coming from influences as unique as their characters, Abraham Calling brings to the stage a fierce presence through Ryan McCrary’s jaw-dropping guitar solos, Joel Van Fossen’s fiery drumming (He’s a red-head but no pun intended…seriously), soulful bass licks provided by Dave Janus and distinctive vocals and piano from Connor La Mue. From beat one of each piece, there is a striking amount of emotion in the band’s work. Not to be confused with amateur “emo” musicians, this band is a far cry from any stereotype of the sort. Moved by influential artists such as Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie, and largely inspired from their Christian backgrounds, the band aspires to never be bound by the confines of musical limits. Little imperfections is what makes this band’s soul breathe, and ever stretching the expectations for their own sound, Abraham Calling is the maker of the music that will be in your head the rest of the day, the lyrics that shake your soul, and the performance that will leave you starry eyed and out of breath.

Anne Christnovich"

Hail Archer

Though we don't classify them as unique or razzle dazzle bright diamond, they defiently could be. With great vocals, good guitar lines, smooth flowing drum beats, these guys are sure to hit it big eventually. Unsigned, but maybe not for long. They hail from Milwaukee, WI. We feel anything we say just wouldn't do justice to how good they are so read the bio and reviews. Then watch the videos, or click the picture to go to their myspace! Enjoy, we know we did!

Bio/Review: Hail Archer blends qualities of unbridled attitude and aggressiveness with blistering and beautiful atmospherics to create a sonic landscape of raw feeling and energy. Since their inception in early 2008 the band has already heralded accolades such as; being named one of the Top 8 Unsigned Bands by Alternative Press Magazine, being voted in as one of the Hometown Heroes in Alternative Press Magazine, being featured as one of the bands to be "Big in 2009" by Crescendo Magazine, winning the Emerging Artists Series at the world's largest music festival, Summerfest 2008, by winning spots on Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos, and being featured on countless internet/broadcast radio stations. The band has been touring and playing shows relentlessly and have no intentions of slowing down.

"Each of their songs are progressive, intricate anthems with the urgency of Circa Survive and the epic nature of Vheissu-era Thrice. . ."
-Alternative Press

"Hail Archer has some serious talent. . .they've pegged themselves pretty well for a younger band."

". . .it’s a gemstone that features unbridled attitude and aggression peppered with pleasant atmospherics and a refreshing (as opposed to whiny) take on negative experience."
-Currents Mag

"With exceptionally strong, atmospheric, clever word-play, Hail Archer is an inspired sound that pushes musical boundaries."
-The Journal Sentinel

Connor Sands & The Way Out

Bio/Review: Check out this Folk Rock/Indie/Folk band titled Connor Sands & The Way Out coming at you from GREEN BAY/OSHKOSH, Wisconsin. With a talented vocals and a great mix of guitar, bass, keys, and percussion, we believe that if Connor and his group stick with it, the future can only hold greater things for them. They may not be known to the world but with 13000+ views and 1000+ fans and climbing, we're hoping someday the will be. If you like Mat Kearney, or Joshua Radin or for that matter anything of the like, we can guarantee you will like Connor Sands & The Way Out. But once more don't take our word for it. See for yourself! Watch the videos below, and once more go visit there myspace. Just click the photo!

"Connor Sands & The Way Out takes soulful blues piano, colorful and rich acoustic sets, and unforgettable rhythms to create a powerful, unique sound. Inspired by Counting Crows and Damien Rice, Connor Sands & The Way Out knows exactly the way in to amazing music.

-Anne Christnovich "


Gene Smilek

This brilliant, talented acoustic act hails from the great state of North Carolina (psst, go UNC!). What can we say about him? Well we really don't have to say anything because his music pretty much does it all. Being primarily instrumental guitar, he plays with what seems flawless technique. Though to some he may leave you wanting more, like adding vocals that is, we think he'll do just fine playing that guitar. And there is nothing wrong with that. So check him out, then go view his myspace and listen to those guitar lines so easily take you into what seems a acoustic dream. Oh, and there aren't any videos of him, at least none we could find, so just click the photo and listen at his myspace!

Bio: My name is Gene Smilek. I go to NC State in Raleigh, NC. I grew up and lived in Powhatan, VA prior to college. I never thought that I would do an acoustic project, but here I am. It all started when I was in a band back in high school when I played drums. While I was in the band, I slowly began to write some acoustic material on the side. A select few people heard some of this material back then. Then in December 2007/January 2008, my friend Jon Farrow and I recorded two of my songs and that is how my acoustic project was born. My music has gone a long way ever since the recordings in Jon Farrow’s room. Ever since then, I have had the honor of sharing the stage with some big time touring bands, as well as some small town local bands. This isnt too bad for a 19 year old self taught acoustic instrumentalist. Despite being instrumental, opinions from many different people have stated that my music creates melodies in their heads that are not necessarily played by me, but just by their creative mind. Hopefully you get the chance to see me live and see what the commotion is all about.

And in case your wondering, he has played with some big names. Just look at the list:
A Suffocating Signal (R.I.P.)
The Appreciation Post
Asleep At The Bottom of the Sea
Backseat Goodbye
The Bigger Lights (Doghouse Records)
The Bride Wore Black
Can You Keep A Secret
Embracing Goodbye
The Fastest Kid Alive
Fight Fair (Triple Crown Records)
For The Foxes
Friends For Hire
Holiday Parade
Jacobs Ladder (JMB Records)
Jukebox The Ghost
Look Mexico (Stiff Slack/ Lujo Records)
Love&Reverie (Firefly Music)
Mercy Mercedes (The Milita Group)
My Favorite Highway (Virgin Records)
Pictures In Pieces (ft. Chris Barrett of The Friday Night Boys)
The Radiance Effect (Kikstart Records)
The Ready Set
Say You Will
The Secret Handshake (Triple Crown Records)
Secret Lives of the Freemasons (Victory Records)
Sunday Night Scene (Crystal Lake Records)
Thieves and Villains (Victory Records)
Vega Under Fire
The Woodwork (Roundkid Records)
Your Name In Vain (Tragic Hero Records)

Gene Smilek

The Last Hope

We're not really sure what words to describe this group with, well besides hip hop intellect that can crush you like a van running over a squirrel. Coming at you from Madison, WI. These guys know how to make your ears listen. Again, sadly, we couldn't find any videos on these guys, but if you like hip hop with a twist, click that photo and go take a listen at their myspace!

Bio: THE LAST HOPE is a hip-hop trio based in Madison, WI, and made up of a pair of dope MC's and an equally as amazing DJ, that have rocked venues around the state since 2006. The group has performed at such places as: The Annex, High Noon Saloon, The Brink Lounge, King Club, The Frequency, BaDa Bingz and The Stones Throw... just to name a few. And have performed alongside acts like Hanger 18, Glue, Paulie Rhyme, The Crest, Eyedea and Abilities and Clyde Stubblefield. The independently released, THE LASTHOPE ALBUM in 2007, was short in print but high in quality and was nominated for "Best Hip Hop Album" at the Madison Area Music Awards! In an ever growing and changing music community, The Last Hope stands as a sonic solution for the weary eared listener. With a combination of soul inspired melodies, rock driven riffs, and banging bass drums combining to form a solid foundation of hip hop for those tired of the same old sounds and artists. The Last Hope challenges the masses with their intelligent lyrical abilities, while pushing the envelope of performance with their stage presence and positive energy. This, coupled with the trio's driven mentality to succeed in not only pushing the limits of their music, but also providing the community with stable role models in the hip hop community, makes it safe to say that this trio will be a constant draw in the Madison music scene, as well as bursting into the spotlight on an international level for years to come.

Words In Windows

We came across these guys just browsing through finding music. We have to say, what a find! These guys are your indie/worship genre. They do a great job with every song they seem to put their hand to and it just doesn't seem to stop. Though we only found one video of them, a in studio one about their new ep, it still brings you into their world. So if we liked them, we're sure you will enjoy them to! Click the pic to go to thier myspace! Oh, and we have their player below the video, you can listen to them here if you like to!

Bio: We are a worship influenced indie based band in Abilene, TX. We hope you enjoy the music and our new album "Balloons." Also we are connected at many social sites around the ned and would love for you to joins us on any or all of them. We'll have more information soon about Words In Windows along with videos, tour news, and then ins and outs of what we do.


Lets see here, how can we describe a band like Everett? How about go jumping off a cliff 100 feet off the ground and without a harness? Yeah sounds about right. With the whole talent aspect thing down, what more could you ask more? How about the perfect blend of screaming, singing, and backing music? Thats always a plus. Let's just say, when it comes to the hardcore scene, these guys are one band you better look upon and not pass up. They, unlike most seem to know very well what they want, and how to get it. Trust us though, this is not music your parents would approve. Not unless you have some parents as good as these guys! So go one, check their music out, watch their videos, and remember why you you'll tell everyone about this awesom band. Oh yeah, you can listen to it and watch it below, or you can visit their myspace by simply clicking any one of their pictures!

Bio: Formed in the summer of 2005, Everett blends the influences of bands such as Between The Buried And Me, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, and As I Lay Dying, trying to stray away from the local scene now a days by creating something new and unique. With Catchy melodies, brutal breakdowns, and memorable guitar licks, Everett is slowly reaching their goal of changing the way you look at music.